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Pollo Pizza, Monzo Pizza, Philadelphia Roll, Canada Roll, Alaska Roll, California Roll

Shall we roll around the states? Yes, and with pizza to boot – the perfect trip!
Output: 1890

1,300 грн.

Roll “Red Dragon”, roll “Black Dragon”, roll “Green Dragon”

What can you say? Maximum – “Drakaris!” Set of dragons, simple and tasteful.
Output: 665g

790 грн.

Philadelphia roll, Philadelphia Unagi roll, Philadelphia Coonsei roll

For fans of “Philadelphia”, but more!
Output: 550g

720 грн.

Roll “Kumotori”, Roll “Black Dragon”, Roll “Philadelphia”, Roll “Futo-Maki”, Roll “Ebi-tempura”

This handsome man is rightfully called “Edovsky”, because all the “cream of the roll society” are collected here.
Output: 1130g

1,250 грн.

Banzai Hot Roll, Osaka Hot Roll, Ebi Cheese Hot Roll

The letter “A” is not in vain the first in the alphabet, it is immediately clear – the level. Therefore, the name of our set begins with her, it’s worth it. And also, because it is exclusively from hot rolls, so most will like it.
Output: 720g

765 грн.

Roll “Banzai”, Roll “Alaska”, Roll “California”, Roll “Philadelphia”

A set for those who like not to strain their brains and hit on the classics. Your dear, favorite classic rolls. Classics are always in fashion, right?
Output: 870g

860 грн.