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In the telega we will put: Mix of greens, apples and liver fried in sauces with honey, Cherry tomatoes, caramelized nuts. Dressed with honey-lemon sauce
Output: 250g

210 грн.

Ate – and immediately somehow it became easier. Iceberg lettuce, Beijing cabbage, Snow crab, Japanese omelette, flying fish caviar “Tobbiko”, cucumber. Dressed with honey-lemon sauce and Japanese mayonnaise
Output: 230g

235 грн.

Eating this salad will make you a pirate. A mix of greens, fried seafood (tiger shrimp, mussels, squid), avocado, cherry tomatoes, orange. It is topped with honey-lemon sauce, sprinkled with sesame seeds, and goes in search of treasures
Output: 240g

340 грн.

The capital of Ireland! Now that we have consolidated geographical knowledge, the composition is: mixed greens, tomatoes, roasted peppers, cucumber, fried veal fillet, bacon, fried onions. Topped with Dublin sauce
Output: 270g

275 грн.

This concludes our level of Japanese. But seriously, this is a salad of pickled seaweed. Dressed with peanut sauce (homemade). Serve with lemon and cucumber, sprinkle with sesame seeds. P.S. Incredibly helpful
Output: 130g

180 грн.

A salad that loves to like and dislike. Cooking from Beijing cabbage, Iceberg lettuce, Cherry tomatoes, quail eggs, fried bacon and chicken fillet, Parmesan cheese. Dressed with Caesar sauce, rules an empire
Output: 250g

235 грн.

Salad, invented long ago, by the ancient Greeks (possibly). Here you have: olives, feta, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, pickled onions. Drizzled with olive oil and rewarded with an olive branch
Output: 220g

210 грн.