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One sausage, two sausages, and several more sausages. All the juiciest sausages we have. Served with sauces: “BBQ”, “Honey-mustard” and “Burgery”
Output: 420g

520 грн.

Served with burger sauce
Output: 60g/50g

80 грн.

Greenland prawns fried in sauces with spices.
Output: 140g

350 грн.

Tiger prawns fried in batter and baked with cheese and cheese sauce. Served with lemon-basil sauce
Output: 130g

400 грн.

Garlic, sausages, onion rings, nuggets, rice chips. Served with sauces: “Cheese”, “Sweet chili”, “Burgery”
Promotions do not apply to this dish
Output: 500g/150g

440 грн.

Cheese pieces fried in a deep fryer. Served with berry sauce
Output: 130g

180 грн.

Served with Sweet Chili Sauce
Output: 130g/50g

140 грн.

Output: 100g/50g

80 грн.

Output: 100g/50g

100 грн.

Fried tulka. Served with tartar sauce
Output: 100g/50g

150 грн.

Fried in batter and breadcrumbs “Panko”. Served with tartar sauce
Output: 130g/50g

285 грн.

We’ll bring it with BBQ sauce
Output: 140g/50g

70 грн.