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In a sheet of nori, doused with “Unagi” sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, sprinkled with green onions. Inside: fried salmon, “Snow crab”, cream cheese, cucumber, “Kimchi” sauce, Japanese omelette
Output: 240g

250 грн.

Top with a nori sheet, with drops of Japanese mayonnaise and Tobbiko caviar. Inside: cream cheese, salmon, tuna, cucumber, Japanese omelette
Output: 210g

260 грн.

Top with nori sheet. Inside: cream cheese, tobbiko caviar, Japanese omelet, cucumber, avocado, salmon, smoked eel
Output: 220g

260 грн.

Top with nori sheet. Inside: Mix of greens, cucumber, avocado, tomato, bell pepper. Served with goma sauce
Output: 190g

180 грн.